Welcome to UmpInfo!

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by. By now you are wondering what UmpInfo is all about.

Basically, at its core, UmpInfo is a collection of resources designed to help you continually improve your knowledge and skills! It is a site designed to help make your baseball umpire experience more fun and interesting.  To help you visually see the application of various rules. To simply be a helpful resource for learning and experienced umpires.

But, UmpInfo is a part of YSS Sports, a sports consulting company that develops youth sports solutions to improve the experience for everyone. We all know there a lot of things that need to be done to keep youth sports strongly operating to serve our community’s youth.  YSS Sports looks for ways to help solve the various known (and unknown) problems to help you better support the kids!

And, UmpInfo is a resource, designed specifically for umpires!

So check back. Over time, there will be an ever-growing list of resources for you.  If you have any questions … feel free to comment below – OR, Contact Us!

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